Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Always to Think Twice

I'm so tired,but...

I had a hard time to sleep at night.

and then,
I struggled to get up on the next day..

So,I got to work LATE in...often...
As expected..I was lectured...

-Did your Boss scold you?

-No,he just asked me to be punctual.

Sorry Boss,I know it's my fault.
I'm trying so hard to change it,hopefully you
get to understand how it feels like to me..

Eventually,I was late again one as usual..
my Boss and I,we had a very early morning 'meeting'.



I didn't realize what I was going to say,
until the words was out of my mouth,
I said something that I'm
not suppose to..

In all sudden,I turned mad and that talk went
into some sort of argument of who is wrong and
who is right...

What pushed me up till there? No idea...
What was wrong with me? No idea...

*Well...could be worse*

Then things get heated...both of us were so mad...
Yet,I wasn't so sure that am I suppose to remain
silent or...what?

I'm not going to post what happened next
as it was so bad that it was out of control.

I felt so bad for all the words that I've
thrown towards him... I'm so 'WTF'!!
This post. A message

"Sha-cho-san,I know that it was my fault,
but I really don't mean for what
I've said...I was just too emotional..nothing
more than that. I'm sorry.

I should have think twice before that.

Now,don't cry over spilled milk...this is so awkward..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This is a very boring post...
Might be expressing my thoughts.
You guys can choose not to read..

Never thought that I will posted this on my blog

-Something wrong? Tera?

-Ya...something pretty heavy..

I've been thinking alot lately...

For the very first time I have no idea
on how to start and to finish a post.
Especially this..



I don't wanna post this,but...
I felt that my head is getting heavier,
I realized that I begin to lose my hair...(seriously)

Could it be because of my job...?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Oh...I miss blogging so much,and there are so much to say!


Tera is back! With this post after so long,
hope you guys enjoy it.

It was around 3pm,when the sun was still trying to
force everyone to get a gulp of cold Coke...arhhh~
This gang was up to something...
Well,the idea wasn't really from the gang,
but there is a 'Mastermind' behind it...

My colleague,Jessie and I have no idea about where are
we going to,but since we're in the car with out
Chief-Vita-Boss...we have no choice but to follow,OR...
We'll never get our pay this month...
(Oh no...)

You can feel it,the wind,
the heat...the excitement...and the...sweat.

We're here,at the Go-karting track in Ayer Keroh.

  • Length:1.6km
  • Condition:Good views
  • Status:Largest track in South East Asia
  • Problems:Expensive...and muddy...

However,going for the 6 laps is good enough
for the beginners. are beginner too!

-I tried once,the slow Kart in Genting.... ^^

first,we have to register and pay!!!
Special thanks to Chief,for sponsoring us..!

Oh the way,our Chief is a male one...

Say 'Cheese'~

Ok, That's enough,dont over
posing. Lets get to see our cars.

Tada! Here is our Formula10 cars.
Red means Ferrari! But this is...


Seat:Not suitable for overweight person.
Gas:Just enough since petrol price raised.
Brakes:no really working so that you can go real fast.

"Gentlemen,start your engine"

Err...almost forgot,here is the Mrs 'Schumakek'
with the sunglasses asking advice from the coach...

Then now it's time for our tamed driver.

"some said he can eat pasta using
his nose,while the other said he doesn't
even have a nose,but all we know is,he
is called 'The Stig'.."

Ehh...sorry,I think you might be getting
the wrong guy,I'm saying the shorter one.

Yes! It's him, 'The Stick'

Now,for the Chief...

The first hand sign from Chief to The Stick
showing that he is going to beat him.
The heat of the race is rising.

-Did you lose?


3,2,1 and GO!

Looks like Mrs Schumakek is leading!
The Chief and The Stick are trying to over
take her..! The Stick failed to do so at
the first corner and...and...

Something black is bouncing...

Ei? What's wrong with The Stick?

Where is the wheel? Maybe that
black round thing that came out from
The Stick's car?

-You're sure tamed...

-I don't like driving with 4 wheels...


while the mechanic to fixed it...




After that,the race was restarted and during
the final lap,The Chief and The Stick was
the 2 racer left to get to finishing line.

And eventually! The Stick!


That hand sign..? It's ok,I can forgive that...

So here's the Champion of F10 series
(if you're looking carefully,you'll see mud all
over him... I wonder where has he been..? ^^

only for this time...

Thursday, March 11, 2010


_11 March 2010_

It was a damn hot day. But something
has to be done...

I'm buying a second-hand motorcycle. And
following the law,we have to send our vehicle
for inspections at the PUSPAKOM before
the name is transfered.

It's a government agent which to check those
vehicle either still in good condition and safe
or vice versa. Yet I have to ride on that machine
in hot and sunny day...yet,I got sun-burned.
Arghh..Im oranged now!

So,first is to pay for the insurance. That cost me
about! Fine. Take it..!

Next,gonna make a permit which more likely
a form for us to fill up. Luckily it cost me 'zero'..
Hehehe... (did that in my mind)

Then we have to send it for inspection.
Here is the main purpose of this post. I was asked
to take that bike to the garage. Then somebody
pope-out and checked on that bike.

Lets talk.

Man:(looked at the grant)
Man:Nama Annie? (bike's owner name)
Tera:Bukan,nama kawan saya.
Man:So you bukan owner la?
Tera:Bukan,saya tolong dia hantar buat inspection
Man:Susah o kalau bukan owner datang.
Man:Takpe,'kita' boleh tolong.
Tera:Ohh..thank you.


Man:Ni nomor plat tak boleh pakai besi punya
Tera:Tak boleh a?
Man:Tak boleh,mau pakai plastic punya.
Tera:Ohh..saya tak tahu.

Then I was called to sit down.

Man:Sekarang saya sudah tolong sama you.
Tera:Ok thank you.
Man:Ini macam. you nanti pergi photostate
geran,and then you kasi saya punya boss
happy la. (I was thinking of other thing >.<)
Man:Nanti you beli rokok la kasi dia,saya kasi you
Tera:(???) ohh...okok...

So,before the slip is given to me,i gotta buy a pack
of cigarette and hand it to him... Then I left quickly
after the deal was done.

Lastly,paid for the road-tax and Yeah!
I can officially ride that motorcycle on the road.
But...I don't have licence...

-Walao,still you ride it all day long..?

-Hehehe... Shhh...don't talk it so loud.

Next goal 'Aim For The Motorcycle Licence' !!

Anti-Corruption...Only for certain situation...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

C.U.S.T.O.M.E.R.S-part 1

Lets spell together


This post,my idea was to publish it some other time.
But seeing a friend of mine is having some problems
with 'them',so I guess I gotta write.

-Who are 'them'...?


Well see,I've been working almost a year now.
And I've seen a lot of customers with different behaviors.
Some are good,nice but some are fussy and-sucks!

I'm sorry to say,but i think in this post,I wouldn't post
any photo but it'll appear with lots of rude words or you
can call it bad words-s**ks,f**k,jerk...etc.


-'Wow' what?!

It's because those customers,they are not human.
I personally considered these people as 'cow'. Why
will I think of that way? There's chinese saying
about 'Play guitar for the cow'. Serious dude,they
will never understand how we work,how hard
we try to serve them,or how hard we work...

This post is gonna be a very long post,so I make this
-part 1-

Ask yourself,have you ever working in a service line
such as waiter,waitress,cashier,and etc? I'm telling you...
It's not easy...

  • Situation 1
You're standing at the information counter.
A guy comes to you.

-Take 1-

Guy:Eh,where is the toilet ha?
You:The toilet is over there. (point to the direction)

then...he just left.

-Take 2-

Guy:Excuse me,may I know where is the toilet?
You:The toilet is over there sir.
(point to a more precise direction)
Guy:Thank you!
You:You're welcome!

then...he left.

Which one sounds better? I know you know that.

  • Situation 2
You're standing behind the cashier. A lady comes to you.
After you scanned all her stuff.

-Take 1-

Lady:~~~~(silent)(move her head up a few times)
You:It's a total of RMxx.
Lady:~~~~(throw the money on the table)
You:(collect the money) Here's your change,thanks.

then...she just left.

-Take 2-

Lady:Ok,how much it is all together?
You:It's a total of RMxx ma'am.
Lady:(hand you the money) Here's the money.
You:Thank you. Here's your change ma'am.
Please come again.
Lady:Thank you.

then...she left.

I guess you know which one sounds better. talk so bad about customers...

-You sided me or 'them'?!

Let me make things clear... People might think that
I wanted so much for the 'thank you',but think of it.
Is it really I want it or people nowadays no longer had
their good manners..?

I think it is very important for being polite because we
work very hard to serve you. And we don't just face you
but also alot of other customers as well.
So,that's all for now...
to be continue~

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic




Wow,it's been so so long since my last post!!

-And finally you're back.

-Yeah,got so many things to post,but i wanted to post this first.

NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic

  • 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optic.
  • Primary and secondary camera.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • 8GB micro-SD (expandable to 16GB)
  • Touch and motion sensor.
  • 3.5G and WiFi connectivity.
  • Music generation.

I've been watching it for some time when it was first
displayed behind the glass...


I get to hold and touch it...

-Waa..nice phone...

-Ya,it attracts almost everyone that looked at it.

I want to have it...but the price...


Oh...I will die...

So,I waited.

Suprisingly,Nokia is doing a special promotion
for the new year of 2010. And the price...


to RM1199

-China phone ar?


And the most important thing is,my friend which
is working at Nokia centre could offer me one with



I was so excited...finally i get to own one.

Yes! So satisfied...


Ehh hemm...

This month salary...


this much???

I'm so...dead.
Gotta eat bread for the rest of this month I guess...

Yet...atleast,I bought a

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Friday, August 28, 2009

I've Been Fooled-by-Maxis

*Delayed Post*

"MAXIS Broadband!! It's affordable for everyone.
Now at only RM58,you can surf the Internet whenever
you like,sign up now for MAXIS Broadband today."

-Wow!! So cheap!!

-Wait,I haven't tell the story...

08-08-2009,Mahkota was having PC fair. It was so
crowded although H1N1 is still flying around Melaka.
Besides that,there were lots of other promotion from
Celcom,Streamyx and Maxis.

Since I don't have any Internet line at home,the MC's
speech caught my attention. From as low as RM58,
I can get to activate a line for the Internet.OK then.

So after work,I walked into the Maxis centre nearby
my working place. I told a promoter that I wanted to get
a broadband and he explained -bla bla bla- to me.

So,the actual price was RM78. You'll get RM10 rebate if
you're using Maxis postpaid and another RM10 rebate for
using a credit card. Which means you only pay a RM58.

BUT... I'm not using their postpaid,so no rebate.
BUT... I'm using a Debit card,so I got a RM10 rebate.
Plus the speed is 7.2Mbps.

Alright,I'm taking it.


-No,not cool at all!!

They told me that the data download is 1.5G.
Which means the limit for me to download is just
1.5G,ok nevemind. Infact,I seldom download from
the Internet. I tried a week,everything was just fine.


Yesterday I went home,and plug in my device to my
PC. The speed of 7.2Mbps as promised,gone...
Yet it only working at 56.75kbps... How slow...


I brought it back to the Maxis centre,asking for
explanation. They explained to me that each time
we surf a web or download or even watching YouTube,
it is considered as a download process. And if we surf
Internet too often,the data will added and might more
than 1.5G. OMG! No wonder they cut down my speed.

But is it my fault?


They should have told me that before I subscribed it.
Now I got to pay RM68 every month for a line that I
can't use in OFTEN.

Or else...

I have to pay RM200 upon discontinuation of this
LOUSY broadband service. WTF.

Hmm... Which one to choose?

Damn... I've Been Fooled-by-Maxis