Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Always to Think Twice

I'm so tired,but...

I had a hard time to sleep at night.

and then,
I struggled to get up on the next day..

So,I got to work LATE in...often...
As expected..I was lectured...

-Did your Boss scold you?

-No,he just asked me to be punctual.

Sorry Boss,I know it's my fault.
I'm trying so hard to change it,hopefully you
get to understand how it feels like to me..

Eventually,I was late again one as usual..
my Boss and I,we had a very early morning 'meeting'.



I didn't realize what I was going to say,
until the words was out of my mouth,
I said something that I'm
not suppose to..

In all sudden,I turned mad and that talk went
into some sort of argument of who is wrong and
who is right...

What pushed me up till there? No idea...
What was wrong with me? No idea...

*Well...could be worse*

Then things get heated...both of us were so mad...
Yet,I wasn't so sure that am I suppose to remain
silent or...what?

I'm not going to post what happened next
as it was so bad that it was out of control.

I felt so bad for all the words that I've
thrown towards him... I'm so 'WTF'!!
This post. A message

"Sha-cho-san,I know that it was my fault,
but I really don't mean for what
I've said...I was just too emotional..nothing
more than that. I'm sorry.

I should have think twice before that.

Now,don't cry over spilled milk...this is so awkward..


  1. Life is like that...As human, sometimes, we tend to voice out words that we do not wish to; and sometimes, we tend to react in a way that is outta expectation..

    Tera, don't worry..I am sure he understands your situation..

    Cheer my friend.. =)

  2. TQ Miss Water...! you're like an angel that cheered me up after all these..! hehe... XD ya,this is really unpredictable... =.=''


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